#creativeunblock – The Giveaway

Giveaway time!


Update – giveaway postponed! It will end on Thursday 17th of December 2015 (I will draw the winners the day after).

I never had the chance to properly express my gratitude to all the  people from around the world that in these last 2 years gave me the strength to not give up. So I think it’s the moment to give you back some love.

I was truly inspired by the last Creative Unblock challenge by The Jealous Curator, where you have to create an art piece and then leave it somewhere in a public space as a surprise for a stranger. Due to security reasons, I don’t feel comfortable to leave somewhere a box or a small letter, but I wanted in some way to participate to this wonderful challenge.

So, here it is my very first giveawayI will draw 5 winners that will receive my past Creative Unblock projects. How to participate? Just write ONE comment below this post.

If you want to keep yourself update on what I do, you can follow me here (you don’t have to like my pages to participate to the giveaway, the comment under this post will be enough!):

Things to know:

  • The prizes are my January, February, March (part 1 –  and part 2), April and August contributions to the challenge.
  • The giveaway will end on Thursday 17th of December 2015 (I will draw the winners the day after).
  • The winners will be contacted through an email (please insert an active and valid email once you post your comment).
  • If one of the winners will not reply after a couple of days, I will draw a new one.

So that’s all and good luck!