Meta Solar Paintings


Enjoy the bright and pastel shades portrait paintings by Meta Solar.

You can also find the artist on Instagram.

Paintings By Johan Barrios


Enjoy the beautiful oil paintings by the Colombian artist Johan Barrios.

You can also find the artist on Instagram.

Henrietta Harris – Dissolving Portraits


I love the delicate art by the New Zealand artist Henrietta Harris. Her paintings and drawings are surreal portraits with a unique style, where faces are often covered in some way.

It seems that the portraits were manipulated with weird interventions that looks like a “glitch” where faces are dissolving, but these effects only give to each work a more interesting point of view.



Purple Crafts – Marinski Heartmades

Crafty post is back!

For my Purple Crafts section I show you the dreamy and super cute clay creations by Marinski Heartmades.

The Croatian designer Marina Marinski turns this simple and “primitive” material into wonderful cups and bowls. Every piece is decorated with minimal illustrations, using a colors range of bright and pastel shades.

You can find all her available creations on her Etsy shop. You can also find her on Facebook and Tumblr.