Fortuna Series

It’s time to talk about it!

A while ago I had the chance to work on my first big scale canvas, using my collage techniques over a vintage photo print. Although I was quite satisfied of the final result, I felt that something was missing. So I decided to create other tiny photo transfers on canvas of the same image, to connect them to the previous work. Below you can find a little intro about why this art project was done and some extra pictures of the whole series. I hope you will enjoy it and of course, your feedback is always precious.

About Fortuna series
This vintage portrait was printed on a large canvas and then manipulated with my usual handmade techniques, where fluorescent colours, intricate decorations and the signature crochet mask were put all together. This is my very first work on a big scale, a new challenge that I wanted to face with a deeper though, abandoning for a while my sarcastic vein. After this canvas I created a series called “Una Piccola Fortuna” (A Little Fortune), always inspired by the same topic and realised over tiny canvases with the photo transfer technique.
Fortuna” (Fortune), is dedicated to an Italian crime news that caught my attention and moved my soul. In 2014 a six years old girl was thrown down from a building and found dead, two people were arrested and accused of the crime (the case is still open). Suspects are also under investigation for sexual abuse on the killed child and on other kids living in the building. The dynamics of this story are more complex because of the reluctance of the people living in the area in collaborating with Justice. I wanted to tribute the sad protagonist of this horrible story, focusing my work on a personal celebration of childhood and its innocent beauty.


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