Purple Music – Up&Up

Animated collages!

Let’s face it, the first impression once I saw this video was “wow, the collages are moving!”.

Last week a friend of mine introduced me to the new Coldplay video, and I truly liked it. I also recognised several clear mentions to lots of amazing contemporary collagists that I love. I was curious to see if the directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia gave a kind of explanation of what brought them to create this video.

But  nothing.

The day the video was live, there was no trace of credits to these artists, and I was a little bit surprised. Although none of the images were literally “stoled”, there is a clear inspiration to tons of them. After a while some of the artists “mentioned” on the video clearly started to get disappointed, and shared their thoughts through social media. I can understand that was a kind of bitter sweet tribute.

Now, not sure if this paragraph was added after this online debate or not (I truly don’t remember any credits gave to the artists), but here, on the Vimeo account of one of the two directors, there is now an entire list of artists that were taken as inspiration for the creation of the video:

“Inspired by the amazing art of:
Victoria Siemer, Sammy Slabbinck, Karen Lynch, Sarah Eisenlohr, Joe Webb, Jeff Hendrickson, Katie Dutch, Linder Sterling, Kieron “cur3es” Cropper, Beth Hoeckel, Eugenia Loli, Mariano Peccinetti, Shang Chengxiang, Charlie Davoli, Artem Rhads Cheboha, Fran Rodriguez, Felipe Posada, Jay Riggio, Ser Sinestésico, Marina Molares, Merve Ozaslan, Julien Pacaud, Angelo Vazquez, Terry Ringler, Djuno Tomsni, John Stezaker, Richard Hamilton, Hannah Höch, and of course Rene Magritte”.

I don’t believe that this was made to take all the credits, I truly hope so. As far as I am concerned, the first thing that I do if I create something taking inspiration from other artists I will give them credits, that’s all.

After all these words (sorry!), I truly enjoyed the video and I am happy to see that this kind of works caught the attention of a huge public. On the other  hand, I am concerned about how artists have to deal with their rights, and the inevitable risk in some way to have their brilliant ideas “violated”.

What do you think about it?


4 thoughts on “Purple Music – Up&Up

  1. Bonjour,
    C’est un vaste débat intéressant dans notre domaine du collage, sampling etc. !
    Oui bien sûr c’est tellement mieux quand les auteurs contributeurs (volontairement ou non !) sont cités.
    MAIS, dans le cas du clip de Coldplay, le réalisateur s’est fortement inspiré de collages préexistants…
    Il finit par citer leurs auteurs (si j’ai bien compris)… mais ces auteurs citent-ils les sources de leurs collages ?
    Coldplay devrait-il aussi citer les réalisateurs des vidéos exploitées pour ses trucages ? (je ne pense pas qu’il le fasse ?) …
    Oui sûrement !
    “Que le collage soit avec nous” 😉

    • Hi Francis,
      thanks for your thoughts on this!
      I had to use Google Translator to understand your comment, so maybe some points are missed due to this.
      You got the point, collage is about mixing and matching pre existent elements to create something completely new. But are these elements born as an art piece? Most of the time not, they are anonymous pictures taken from books, magazines, old photos, etc. that have no relation to art. Is the artist that take that little piece and put together with others to make some art. Once you take inspiration from an art piece, I believe that could be kind to mention the authors. So, to me is about respecting the idea of the art, not the source itself.

      • marikokoda hello , I will like you to use Google Traduction 😉 .. I ‘m not quite agree with you on this sentence : “… they are anonymous pictures taken from books, magazines, old photos, etc. that have no relation to art….” fashion photographers, sports etc. certainly not make art but they are the authors and owners of their work. Anyway that ‘s how it works in France . They are paid on the use of their photos … I think it’s often convenient to say that the images are anonymous and thus short- circuiting their rights.
        I myself am an author and I’m very careful about that! However , these legal constraints lead to a kind of normalization of bonding productions. As you say , most use old magazines , waste paper , the same illustrations cut from dictionaries, encyclopedias , vintage fashion magazines or film . Personally I am tired of seeing a little all the same .. In my last productions I think is downright outlawed but I want to experiment with this borderline zone creation … bonne soirée à toi

      • Hi again Francis,
        Google translator rules 😀
        So, you are right once you say that a collage can be created from pictures from other artists that they own the rights. But still, once you manipulate them they become something else (Dadaism docet).
        Most of the time is quite difficult to find who did what because they are old pictures, anonymous authors, etc. (and after some years authors can lose the rights too).
        But if you are a photographer, or an artist in general, you can state the use of your creations (creative commons), so everyone can see and understand what you can do or not with your images (so rights or not, if you state that your images cannot in any way be used, manipulated ecc. the guy who touches them is an arse). But in this specific case there is no copyright infringement, because the problem here is the idea, not the artwork itself. This is a delicate topic that concerns more the ethic than the copyrights. I hope that the translation will work! Thanks again for your thoughts.

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